vendredi 21 mai 2010

The Fabulous Hanbury Gardens on the Riviera


In 1868 when returning from China where he made a fortune, Sir Thomas Hanbury was looking for a residence to escape the rainy climate of Britain. He discovers the Capo Mortola on the Italian Riviera, a few kilometers from Menton. The property includes a beautiful XVIIth century mansion and is crossed by the antique Via Julia Augusta. With the help of his elder brother Daniel, a botanist and the gardener Ludwig Winter, Sir Thomas fits up the garden and plants as from 1868. Medicinal and sub-tropical plants as well as citrus fruits artistically ornate the park.... Read more:

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Richard S. Wing a dit…

Exquisite gardens and stunning photos, Francois. Just browsing through your posts, I see you have an amazing blog. Great work my friend!