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Washington Capitol Building: An All-Pervading Sense Of History

Capitol Hill and Reflecting Pool

                                          Washington's Apotheosis, by Constantino Brumidi,
                                                              Rotunda of the Capitol

                                                           National Statuary Hall

                                                                  Capitol Flag

                           The Capitol Building has an all-pervading sense of History about it, of momentous events and great political passions, which no visitor, whether American or foreign, can miss. He may even feel it under his feet as he stands on the white circle in the middle of the floor of the rotunda, for here the bodies of military leaders, senators and Presidents, including Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy, have lain in state.

                              As Washington is the main body of government of the United States, so Capitol Hill is the heart. This is the place where the first stones were laid for the Capitol of the new nation, and it is still the point from which Washington measures its growth, both literally and figuratively.  Literally, the city is divided into quadrants, according to lines drawn through Capitol Hill and its streets are named in order east and west, north and south, of the Hill. Figuratively, the city draws its lifeblood from what happens on the Hill, and politics are very much the raison d'être of Washington; the speeches of Congressmen are discussed in bars and buses, the decisions of state are the staple diet of cocktail and dinner parties.

 Whatever else draws millions of people to Washington every year, is the activities of the people on the Hill which arouse the greatest interest. Dominating the Hill, with its nineteen-foot-tall Statue of Armed Freedom on the Dome soaring 287 feet above the ground, is the Capitol Building itself, where the U.S. Congress meets. Although security is considerably tighter than it was, visitors are still welcome in the Capitol building and see enough to get a good idea of how it works, whether or not Congress is in session.
Outside the east front steps...
National Statuary Hall
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Je vous emmène donc à Washington, sur la Colline du Capitole, lieu hautement symbolique pour la Nation Américaine. Une visite du Capitole réserve bien des surprises, avec ses salles immenses et magnifiquement décorées, notamment l'impressionnant National Statuary Hall et la Rotonde ornée de l'extraordinaire Apothéose de Washington, fresque grandiose réalisée par Contantino Brumidi. Et vous découvrirez que ce lieu a vraiment un remarquable sens de l'Histoire. Et ne manquez aucun de mes nouveaux articles ici :

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